Microsoft finally unveiled Xbox Series X at The Game Awards 2019. They revealed details about its next-generation console and the news is impressive regarding this console.

It was initially known as Project Scarlett.

Even though they have unveiled the details still the release date is unknown. Xbox Series X is scheduled to be released during the holiday season in 2020.

And same with the official release date price is still unannounced for the Xbox Series X. What Microsoft wants is to show the consumers what the console can do first.

It doesn’t have the resemblance of the previous Xbox.
By looking at the console you may think it looks like a PC desktop tower as what it really looks like. Same with its predecessors — Xbox 360, Xbox One S and X this can be laid down horizontally. When it comes to the hardware specifications like the detailed internal hardware–Processor is powered by AMD Zen 2 CPU same with Graphics system AMD Navi-Based GPU with MAX Resolution of 8k and refresh rate of 12Hz– RAM is GDDR6 however the size is still unknown — Optical drive is also present.

Size is not that big, the width was pretty much the same as the controller. Ports are at the back the same with the previous versions except for the USB port for connecting a wired controller.

The controller looks the same as the one for Xbox One, well almost. Some changes have been applied like the Share button (can be used to take screenshots and record video)–placed in the middle of the controller below the power button. Another change in the controller is the modular hybrid d-pad for easier diagonal inputs.

A question most gamers ask. How about the backward compatibility?
Yes, ladies and gentlemen! Xbox Series X supports backward compatibility for all three generations of Xbox consoles. However, some technicalities may not be announced yet when it comes to backward compatibility.

Performance-wise — well this is the latest from Microsoft, even we haven’t tested it yet but this is the most powerful console that they released. As what Microsoft announced this has eight times faster GPU than the base of Xbox one. So safe to say that it is around four times more powerful than the previous versions of Xbox. Surprisingly, even the power is that much noise is not an issue. Cooled by one fan helped by heat-sinks.

I know, we can’t wait to try it out especially Microsoft has revealed Halo infinite as an Xbox Series X launch title. They also mentioned Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, however, the release date for the HellBlade 2 has not been announced.

We can still enjoy Xbox Game Pass as Microsoft will continue to support it and will allow users to jump into games faster. If you have heard about the project xCloud, it is the new cloud-based gaming service that we can enjoy in the new Xbox Series X. 

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