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Stuck at home and want to know what’s the best device / gadget for your budget then of course you’ve come to the right site :). But I understand that not all would love to read a review on a blog so you can check out these Pinoy YouTube Tech, Gadget review Blog/Vlogs.

Tech Patrol – I’ve been a reader of their site for quite some time and I must say I enjoy reading the articles on their site Tech Patrol but I sometimes love to just watch a video and relax.

Unbox Everything PH – This channel is one of my go-to channels for reviews on various gadgets and devices.

Tech MNO – A fairly new channel with 647 subs and 26 videos. I must say a very entertaining channel based on the videos I watched. I appreciate the efforts that vloggers and YouTubers put on their videos.

Sulit Tech Reviews – Direct to point and understandable, that’s what I love about this channel, the video reviews are spot on and in tagalog in checks what I want to know about a product I’m searching for.

YugaTech – One of the longest running Pinoy Tech sites, I’ve been a reader since 2008 and now that they have a YT Channel, you can be sure that more people can be reached.

Alvin Tries Tech – I love watching the reviews and tutorials on various PC components on this channel. Especially the product reviews, I watch a dozen reviews on a certain product before buying since so for me having a list of Pinoy tech/gadget review channels/Vlogs/Blogs does help in my product hunt.

Pinoy Knows Tech – simple and entertaining YT channel but has sense. This channel targets the Juans at Marias but still has value and can also help you in your tech purchase.

Unbox Diaries – I love this channel, funny yet very informative, I tend to watch more videos that what I’m actually researching on.

I would say these YouTubers deserve the subs. I understand how it feels to run a channel (I also have one, you can check out Xoomvision Gaming, If you’re interested 🙂 ) and I know the effort they put in on their videos, concepts, gimmicks, content. So I would like to say thank you for these videos.

If you know other Pinoy Tech YouTube channels, please comment so we can add it to this list.

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