Best Gaming Chairs for your Work From Home / Game Room setup

Gaming chairs – one of the integral parts of your work from home or gaming setup. The question is why would you want a gaming chair for your work from home setup? It’s expensive, it’s too flashy, it’s too big, I already have a chair. Working from Home like gaming, you can’t just game for 10 minutes. You need a comfortable spot or chair so that you can be productive, a good chair can work wonders but a gaming chair can be a great investment and will keep you gaming/working for longer hours, plus it’s comfortable and is good for the posture.

Gaming chairs are designed with gamers in my mind especially for hardcore gamers that play for 10-12 hours or more a day. Gaming chairs have head pillows and lumbar support you can also tilt it to almost 180 degrees for a longer gaming session. Some gaming chairs when compared to office chairs are much more comfortable and have more gimmicks like a footrest and back massager etc.

Here are some of the gaming chairs that are worth checking out for your work from home/ game room setup.

  • Rakk Casap Elite

The Rakk Casap Elite one of the most affordable gaming chairs in the market. Word on the net is that it’s Filipino owned company. I tried their mouse and keyboards and they’re good. Rakk Gears are very affordable and are a practical choice. You don’t have to spend tons of Pesos for a gaming chair, Rakk is the practical, budget choice.

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  • Fantech Alpha GC-181

I first came to know the Fantech brand thru their Mouse and Case Fans. But Fantech has been in the ESports Gaming scene for quite some time, since I’m not into ESports game title, it took me a while to discover their gaming gears. I must say that their product lines are on the mid-range prices. They still have an awesome lineup and the Fantech Alpha GC-181 is one of them.

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  • Panther Nightfall

Every time I check at the Panther Gaming website, their products are always out of stock, which goes to show that Panther Gaming products are the best and affordable. No need to look for expensive chairs, you only need to look at Panther Gaming gear for your new chair.

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  • Gamdias Achilles E1-L

At first glance, this may look like most of the gaming chairs on this list. But if you look closely the Gamdias Achilles E1-L has RGB lighting! I would say that this is too much RGB if your desktop/laptop already has RGB lighting and even your gaming chair has RGB lighting, but it completes the “Gamer Look” of your room. You can’t go wrong with too much RGB the more, the better. Hehehe! This customizable RGB light can be activated or modified thru a software on the Gamdias Site.

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  • Predator Gaming Chair

The Predator Gaming Chair, as we all know the Predator line is Acer’s Gaming Brand. Popular gaming Laptops such as the Acer Predator Helios and the Acer Predator Triton are the must-have gear for every gamer.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the chair on the Acer online store. But I’m sure that some PC stores within Metro Manila have them on their inventory.

  • ROG Chariot Core Gaming Chair

To complete your ROG gaming setup whether it be your ROG Gaming Desktop or your ROG Zephyrus. This is the icing on your cake, an all-black gaming chair with the red ROG logo is the perfect piece for your gaming kingdom. This chair can be a little expensive but trust me it’s worth it. If you’re able to afford the ROG gaming desktop and/or laptops what’s stopping you from getting this chair!

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  • MSI MAG CH120

For Assassins Creed fans out there rejoice! MSI has a limited edition MSI MAG CH120 gaming with an AC:Valhalla colorway. This chair is perfect for your game room as well as your WFH setup. If your room is a teal color scheme then this one is for you.

NOTE: The MSI MAG CH120-Valhalla part of the “Power unleashed, Conquer the world” which MSI launched last Nov. 10 which runs up to Dec. 31, 2020, where you get a free Digital Standard edition Assassins Creed: Valhalla when you buy selected gaming monitor, motherboard, gaming case, liquid cooling, power supply, and gaming chair.

Have fun with your new chair as you work and play AC: Valhalla style!

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